Lashonde Lavelle Christian
November 13, 2020
2 Minutes
Covid-19 messed up all our lives and we have no more words to tell you just how much we hate it. With Diwali so close we can already taste the briyani on our tongues, it’s sad that many do not have the ability to celebrate this season with their family and loved ones.
In the spirit of bringing Diwali to you, we figured what better way than to do what we do best, and come up with a hot list of the top 10 Tamil songs you can tune in to this season of lights.
So, in no particular order, check out this playlist we've put together!

1. Muqabla

2. Vaathi Coming

3. Chill Bro

4. Dharala Prabhu

5. Rakita Rakita Rakita

6. Yelo Pullelo

7. Sirikalam Parakalam

8. Mannuranda

9. Haiyo Haiyo  

10. Easy Come Easy Go

And that's our list!

Happy Diwali y'all and check out our Lifestyle Hub every day, for the best on Music