Jordan Fack
January 11, 2019
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Dates: March 14th - 17th, 2019

It’s that time of the year again, we’re just under two months away from the epitome of the world’s finest motorsport championship. The 2019 Formula One season at Albert Park, Melbourne will open with lots of unanswered questions. The RedTix insights team breaks down some of the questions we hope will be answered come December 1, in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

How will the young talent of Leclerc fair against the four-time world champion Vettel after making the step up to Ferrari?

Will Hamilton and Mercedes continue to be the dominant force we have become accustomed to during the hybrid era?

Who will be crowned the 2019 F1 champion?

These are just a few questions of what promises to be an entertaining season.

It’s been 8 long years since we last saw the very talented, Robert Kubica on the premier stage of motorsport - miraculously stepping back into the Williams seat which was once occupied by the inexperienced Lance Stroll. Lance has shifted over to Force India to join Sergio Perez after his billionaire father led a consortium that bought the team, handy that!

I’m sure all eyes will be on Kimi Raikkonen to see how he handles the transition from Ferrari to Sauber, some would point out that this is quite a step down in class. Good luck to the Iceman!

If we look back to the end of last year’s F1 championship, it seems very likely Red Bull will be up with the heavy hitters of Ferrari and Mercedes. As well as Red Bull closing out last season in style and narrowing down the difference between the teams, this upcoming season will see Red Bull bring into play a brand new Honda engine - an Adrian Newey (Formula One’s foremost designer) car, and it all makes for a very exciting opening race of the season, which we predict to go down to the wire. Will Verstappen sling one up the inside and cause a crash? Time will tell!

Special Mention: Daniel Ricciardo

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Formula One’s most liked driver in the paddock, and home favourite Daniel Ricciardo. What can he do in his first competitive outing in the Renault? I’m sure the whole of Australia would love to see Daniel celebrating with his now world-famous podium celebration, the shoey (Daniel’s oddly satisfying victory celebration - once convincing the U.K. icon Patrick Stewart to join him in having a refreshing shoey).

Albert Park never fails to entertain, let's hope the increased fuel capacity enables a greater percentage of the race to be completed on full throttle, and less aero translates into cars being able to follow each other a lot closer. Thus enabling more overtakes, we only had 15 on track overtakes last year, however, the race was still filled with plenty of drama.

We hope to see you on the start line!

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