Jay Park Live in Kuala Lumpur 2019 World Tour - Sexy 4EVA in Asia

Korean-American Singer and superstar, Jay Park (박재범) is finally headed to Malaysia for a full musical performance.

Ajay Junaid
August 23, 2019
2 minutes

Date: 8:00pm 27th September 2019

Location: KL Live, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tickets: Jay Park Tickets

Korean-American Singer and superstar, Jay Park (박재범) is finally headed to Malaysia for a full musical performance.

Jay Park will be hitting multiple cities in Asia for his 2019 ‘SEXY 4EVA’ world tour starting in September. It’s going to be a busy tail end of the year for Jay as his North America leg of the tour will be starting in November.

Jay Park will be supported at his Kuala Lumpur show by HAON and Woo. Woo is a South Korean rapper who rose to fame when he participated in Show Me the Money 6, where he placed third. HAON is also a South Korean musician.

Fans can’t hold back their excitement at the sheer list of tour locations. From Osaka to KL to Taipei to Miami!

Check out the list of cities, dates and his supporting cast in Asia below.

Image Credits: Onionproduction via Instagram

For those of you, who may be unfamiliar with Jay Park, he recently took on a shadow concept for GQ where he discussed his upbringing and life as a Korean-American.

In an interview with GQ, Jay Park revealed his thoughts on his past, saying, "To be honest, I was so depressed I could've died, but I thought about how I can make money and find my way in the future. If I was the kind of person who worried about what others say, I would've had a very rough time. I wouldn't be where I am now."

He continued, "In America, I was called out for being an Asian who plays basketball, and people told me to go study math and other things like that. When I came to Korea, I was called a 'Yankee.' Idols have to be that way, rappers have to do it this way, Asians have to be that way, why though? Every person's different. I knew what kind of person I was. Even if everyone else doubted me or what kind of prejudices they had against me, I wanted to be me and I didn't want to go along with others. The people who thought less of me at first look at me the way I think I should be seen now."

It just goes to show you how far sheer determination, hard work and determination can take you in life. 

We are excited to play one of the host city’s for Jay Parks World Tour, we hope you all come out and voice your support for this worldwide sensation. There is no doubt that this will be an incredible show, so if you haven’t already, get yourself a ticket! Prices start as low as RM330.

Tickets are available here: Jay Park Tickets