6 Reasons to Attend the Siam Songkran Festival 2019

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Ajay Junaid
March 26, 2019
4 minutes

Is there a bigger or better festival than Songkran in Thailand? An important event on the Buddhist calendar, which literally translates to ‘passing’ or ‘approaching’ marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year in a water frenzy.

Now, combine the water festival with some of the biggest DJ superstars in the world and you’ve got Siam Songkran Music Festival. Not only will Siam be your official soundtrack for the week, but it will also provide an all-around interactive experience for its festivalgoers - promising to be one of the biggest raves to take place this year in Thailand. 

You can look forward to four days of insane beat drops, fringe activities and feasting - all at a very affordable rate. 

1. Partaking in the Annual Songkran Festival is One for the Bucket List

Every year, Thailand marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year with the Songkran water festival. A period where appreciation of family plays a pivotal role in the celebrations. However, the element that has taken the world by storm is the water spraying, which among the Thai community is believed to be spiritually purifying - cleansing you of any bad luck from the past year and blessing you with the happiness for the year ahead. 

Over the past 15 years, Songkran has caught the attention of many tourists, who flock to the country to experience it for themselves.

There’s no better way to experience Songkran than with Siam Songkran Music Festival. The April sun is beating down on you, you’re getting drenched in water during each DJs iconic beat drops. 

Don’t just dream it, do it!

2. All-Star Headliners Ft. the Barong Family and Q-Dance’s Thailand Debut

The first two days will be reserved for the Barong Family Stage. The Barong Family has only been around for 5 years and during that period they have gone from a small independent label to one of the most respected within the dance music industry. Just to put into perspective how much they’ve grown over the last few years, they recently curated their own stage at Tomorrowland.

Sihk, Dolf, Crisis Era, Wiwek, Moksi and Yellow Claw will be kicking off the inaugural Siam Songkran Music Festival.


Video Credit: Yellow Claw via YouTube

The final two days will make history, in the form of the long-awaited debut of Q-Dance! A whole stage ran and curated by Q-Dance, get ready to dance your socks off as Q-Dance is all about going hard or going home. They’ll be inviting hardstyle artists such as Coone and Headhunterz.


Video Credit: Headhunterz via YouTube

Hold up! We haven’t even got into the all-star headliners yet, man you are in for a treat. Not only will you get to see the Barong Family Stage and Q-Dance’s Debut Stage but Dutch legend Afrojack will be making an experience along with Alok, Salvatore Ganacci, Seven Lions and much more!


Video Credit: Afrojack via YouTube

Thai Taste - The World’s Best Streetfood by WorldGas

Siam Songkran Music Festival will be bringing forth a curation of winners from The World’s Best Street Food by WorldGas. Hand-selecting the most unique stalls that have been made famous by their tastiness amongst locals as well as a few that have been able to disrupt the gastronomy scene in Thailand.

[Designer: Could you try and do this in a galleryesque sort of fashion]

4. Muay Thai Workshops - Petchyindee

Siam is going all out! They are inviting Thailand’s number one Muay Thai camp Petchyindee to run their very own workshop. A camp that's been spearheaded by Muay Thai World Champions - a camp for locals and foreigners alike.

At the workshop, you’ll be able to try your skills against real trainers and champions!

5. Bang for your Buck 

Now, if you were to take into account that this is during Thailand’s craziest calendar festive period, and there will be performances by the Barong Family, International DJ Superstars as well as the official debut of Q-Dance in Thailand - one would assume a festival during a time period such as this would be quite expensive. Think again, it’s actually the opposite, you’re able to witness four days of dance music for as little as RM520 (USD130). 

The prices rise to RM590 (USD145) on April 1st. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE!

6. Heritage Rich Bangkok 

Image Credit: escapismmagazine.com

There’s a reason Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world. A city of contrasts with action at every turn. Whether you’re soaking in the beauty of the gleaming temples, taking a longtail boat through the floating markets or catching a tuk-tuk along the bustling roads in Bangkok or munching down on some delicious street food - there’s a little something for everyone. 

Take in the glorious sights of Bangkok during the day and party your nights away at Siam Songkran Music Festival for an immersive experience.

Siam Songkran Music Festival will take place from 12 to 15 April at the Show DC Arena in Thailand. The full experience tickets are now on sale and start from as little as RM520 (USD130) rising to RM590 (USD145) on April 1st.

Get Your Tickets Here!


Video Credit: SIAM Songkran Music Festival